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Online Marketing - Invest or Not to Invest

Digital Marketing is one of the booming markets these days . Once we used to rely on various kind of traditional market tactics that were costly and ROI was a very risk factor. But thanks to the advancement in digital market, creativity and social media tools are helping the business evolve and the results are astonishing

Every year global multinational companies are investing more in digital marketing as they have understood the fact that this market is going to rule that too for a very long time. Analytic Data from the market reveal that around 75% of the marketers are planning to increase their digital marketing investments.

When Social Media platforms were introduced even 1 million was a big number now Global audience have crossed billions which is the new million.

Some important media facts of some of the most popular social media tools " Whatsapp" "YouTube"  & " Facebook " are as follows :

Over 40 billion messages are sent in a day on WhatsAppAlm…